Divide Your Custom Home Wish List Into These Categories

Posted on: 19 March 2020

While you and your spouse have the final say on the design of your custom home, it can be fun to sit down with your children and talk about the plans for the home. There's little doubt that each of you will be excited to dream up the features that you want this home to have, but it's easy to end up with a long list that might not suit your budget. An effective strategy is to work as a family to make a wish list with three categories — things that you must have, things that would be nice, and things that you don't need. Each of you can then think of custom home features and place them in the appropriate group. Here are some ways to approach this process.

Must Have

As its name suggests, the "Must Have" category will contain all of the features that you need your custom home to offer. This list will obviously include such features as a kitchen, dining room, living room, and the appropriate number of bedrooms, but there are far more things to think about. For example, you might feel as though the custom home must have a large deck attached to its back side because you're an avid entertainer. Or, you may feel as though a three-car garage is a must-have feature because you own a classic car that you need to keep sheltered.

Would Be Nice

The "Would Be Nice" category is for features that most or all of your family members would enjoy, but that aren't mandatory. For example, all of you may be excited about the idea of a home theater room, but you might favor spending money in other ways if your budget is tight. In this scenario, you might decide that having each of your bedrooms larger by 50 to 100 square feet would be a better use of your money than having a home theater room. Additional features, such as a loft over the garage, a workout room, and hardwood flooring throughout the residence are all things that might suit this list.

Don't Need

Initially, it may seem a little strange to make a list of the custom home features that you don't want to have. Doing so is valuable, however, because writing these items down in front of you can help to you evaluate them. Additionally, you can run this list past your builder to get his or her insight based on working with other custom home clients. For example, you might feel as though you don't want a mudroom, but your builder could point out the many perks of this space to help you know if you're sure about your decision.

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