An Introduction To Clogged Drains And Pipes

Posted on: 7 September 2019

Drains can clog your sink, shower, and tub. The toilet can also become clogged. There are things you want to know about avoiding clogged drains. However, there are also things you want to know about the pipe drains that are down deep in the system, as well as other issues that can lead to a problem in the plumbing system. Here are things you want to know about your drains and pipes.

How drains clog

The drain pipe get smaller in circumference where the plumbing pipe connects to the bottom of the drain. Also, many drains make a sharp turn where the pipes are connected to them. These things are a large part of the reason why drains can get clogged so easily.

Putting anything down the drain that is not water or another liquid can cause drain issues. This is because solid items can collect where the drain gets smaller in circumference or in the sharp turn area. This results in a clog. Also, putting things like oil, lard, and grease down the drain will likely lead to clogs as well. While these things may originally go down in liquid form, they can harden in the drain or leave a thick coating on the inside of the pipe.

Once these liquids start to harden on their way through the pipes, they will cling to the sides. This leads to the pipes having an even smaller circumference than before. Not only will the smaller size increase the chances of clogs, but the soft and stickiness of them will cause any little thing that goes into the system to get stuck, leading to even more of a mass in the pipe. It won't take long for this to cause big problems.

When systems clog

While drains are often relatively simple to unclog due to there being so many ways of freeing up and removing the clog that's close to the surface, deep clogs way down in the plumbing can be much more difficult to free up.

With all the bends and turns in the whole plumbing system, there are many opportunities for clogs down in the system. These clogs need to be found, which plumbers can do with a camera that goes down the pipes. The pipe camera allows the plumber to see where the problem is. After the problem is found, then they can fix it for you.

Trees can also cause issues with the plumbing if the roots are close enough to the pipes to grow into them. A plumber will need to remove the roots and then repair the plumbing system. Contact a service, like West Sound Plumbing Service, for more help.