How To Prevent Water Heater Mold Growth

Posted on: 4 February 2019

The water heater is one of the main reasons why you may end up with a mold infestation in your home. Mold can damage the cabinet the water heater is stored in, and it can also create a serious health problem in your house.

One of the main challenges with mold is that it can be difficult to get rid of once it shows up the first time, especially if you don't detect it early enough. This is why preventing mold growth in the first place is always a good idea. How can you accomplish this?

Professional Installation

Many of the issues homeowners face with their water heaters come down to poor installation. Leaks, in particular, can happen more frequently if certain considerations aren't factored in during installation. To limit these issues, hire a professional water heater services provider to install your water heater. Hire somebody who understands the importance of factors such as proper pressure regulation and allowance for expansion.

Repair Any Leaks Immediately

No leak is too small to encourage mold growth. Some people will ignore a leak if it seems small, but while this water may not be enough to do any serious damage, it may be enough to encourage mold. Ensure that you fix any leak as quickly as possible.

Avoid Certain Materials

Mold needs food to survive, and its food can be an organic material such as cardboard, drywall, clothing, or paper. Ensure that material that mold can feed on is not present in the vicinity of the water heater unless it's absolutely necessary. This will ensure that every water leak doesn't turn into an immediate mold problem. Mold grows very fast as long as it can access water, food, warmth, and low-light conditions.


Ensure the area around your water heater is properly ventilated to limit the growth of mold. Mold doesn't favor spaces with a lot of air circulation. If possible, ensure the area where your water heater is located has a window and lots of space for circulation.

Maintain Your Water Heater Regularly

A regularly maintained water heater is less likely to experience problems such as leaks. Even if your water heater was properly installed, certain parts will wear with time or may be damaged at some point. Regular maintenance can locate and address these issues before you have a serious water leak. Maintenance should be performed by a licensed plumbing and heating professional to ensure the job is done right.