Is The Air From Your Heater A Problem? What To Know Now

Posted on: 20 August 2018

When you notice that your skin is dry from the warm toasty air that your furnace produces to help keep you comfortable during the chilly winter nights, this could also be causing problems for your home. Although you want to be comfortable, there are some things that you want to be concerned about if you have noticed that your house is getting too dry. Here are some of the things to go over in detail with an HVAC professional about, to make sure that you aren't putting your home and your heath at risk when you crank the heat up.

Dry Air and Respiratory or Skin Problems

If you battle to keep your skin hydrated in the winter because of the furnace, and you always have a dry throat, cough or throat illness, this could be from the heater. If your furnace doesn't have a humidification system it could be drying out your internal and external body parts.

This leaves you at a higher risk of catching colds and the flu virus or other infections, and it can also cause great irritation on the skin all over the body including the scalp. Get a humidifier to avoid headaches, sore throats, dryness and more.

House Damages from Dry Air

Not only can it be a problem when your body is dry, but if the house gets too dry you can have structural concerns. Wood can change shape if it gets dried out, causing leaks or uneven surfaces. Dry air can cause electrical risks and problems, putting the house at a high risk of catching fire if you want to use a candle or the fireplace.

Potential Affordable Solutions

The first thing to explore is having a humidifier put on the furnace. This way there is moisture put into the air before it heads to the ventilation ducts and then out of the vents into the air around your home. If this isn't enough, you may have to talk with the HVAC professional about getting a commercial grade humidifier, or a heat actuator to bring fresh air into the home. The actuator will provide a lot of benefits for the home.

Don't keep living with air so dry that you are getting bloody noses or you get shocked sometimes when you are using electronics. You want to get a solution to the problem so that you can heat your home in comfort throughout the winter, and so you don't have to worry about dangers. Contact a service, like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc., for more help.