4 Plumbing Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Water Damage And Plumbing Hazards

Posted on: 3 July 2018

The maintenance of the plumbing in your home is important to prevent hazards and problems that lead to costly water damage. To ensure your home and safe, it is important that you have regular plumbing inspections done by a professional plumber. There is also some maintenance that you can do to prevent problems and hazards. Here are some plumbing maintenance tips to help you prevent water damage and plumbing hazards in your home.

1. Routine Inspections Of Water Heaters And Plumbing Mechanical Systems 

There are many plumbing mechanicals in your home that needs routine maintenance by a professional plumber. These mechanical systems include sump pumps and water heaters, which can lead to hazards if they are not properly maintained. Have a plumber inspect these systems annually to ensure they are working properly and not a hazard to you or your family. 

2. Cleaning Drains In Keeping Them Free Of Debris That Causes Clonks

Debris that gets washed down the drains in your home can cause clogs that lead to costly plumbing problems. To ensure your drains are flowing freely it is a good idea to occasionally clean drains which can be done with natural homemade drain cleaning solutions, hot water, or plumbing snakes. In addition, you may want to cleaning grease and other debris from the kitchen sink using boiling water.

3. Updating Your Homes Plumbing With Modern Back Flow Prevention Devices

Today, modern plumbing systems have backflow prevention devices that protect homes from flooding. If your home does not have backflow prevention devices like one-way drains, you will want to talk to a plumbing contractor about adding these features. Backflow prevention will help prevent flooding of your home during heavy rains that cause sewer systems to become backed up.

4. Watching For Problems In The Areas Where Plumbing Leaks Often Start

There are also areas of your household plumbing that are vulnerable to leaks, such as the pipes beneath the sink in your kitchen or plumbing in your bathroom. It is a good idea to watch for leaks in these areas, so you will be able to have them fixed before that lead to costly repairs. Some of the repairs you may be able to do on your own, such as replacing tape on leaking water line fittings or installing a new trap beneath a sink.

With good maintenance and routine plumbing inspections if your home will be safe from water damage and plumbing hazards. If you need help with maintenance repairs or inspection contact a professional plumbing contractor to ensure your home is safe.