Should You Work On Your Home's Gutters Yourself?

Posted on: 4 April 2018

If your gutters hang low enough to fall off your roof's edge, you might decide to replace them yourself. Although you could work on your gutters yourself, it's probably better that you didn't. DIY gutter repairs or replacements can be dangerous. Learn why it could be unsafe to work on your gutters yourself and who you should call for help instead.

Why Shouldn't You Work on Your Gutters?

A good number of homeowners injure themselves when they attempt to clean or repair their gutters without professional help or expertise. The injuries usually occur when people slip and fall from their ladders. The individuals may fracture a bone in their limbs or receive a contusion to the head. Some people may injure the bones in their spine or hips. 

In addition, you may use the wrong type of ladder to clean your gutters. If your ladder is too light or weak to support your weight, it may give out or collapse. Your ladder should also be long or tall enough to reach the roof's edge safely. If you have to stand on the last step to reach your gutters, the ladder is too short for the job.

The health risks above are just some of the problems you can experience if you work on your gutters. To keep safe, have a gutter service contractor work on your gutters for you,

Who Should Work on Your Gutters?

A contractor will generally examine your gutters to see why they became loose enough to hang low. Sometimes gutters loosen up when the fascia boards supporting them rot or deteriorate. The boards may not be strong enough to support your gutters. If a contractor detects damaged fascia boards along the roof's edge, they may suggest that you repair them before they install your new gutters. 

A contractor may also suggest that you clean your gutters two times a year to keep them in excellent shape. Even new gutters can become problems if they fill up with dirt and leaves. Debris can block or restrict the flow of water through your gutters. Instead of flowing down to the ground and away from your house, the water may seep into your siding, roof's edge, or home's foundation. Water can cause significant damage in your home over time.

When it comes to cleaning, repairing, or replacing your gutters, don't tackle the job alone. Contact a contractor or company like Mr.Gutter, LLC near you today