3 Tips To Ensure Your Glass Railings Last

Posted on: 4 September 2017

Installing railings around your deck is critical when it comes to ensuring the safety of this outdoor living space. If you don't want to obstruct the view of your landscape, you can take advantage of the benefits that glass railings can provide.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your glass railings remain strong and structurally sound well into the future.

1. Choose durable glass panels.

When it comes to preserving the beauty and performance of your glass railings, the glass panels that you select can have a dramatic impact. You want to ensure that you are selecting high-quality glass prior to installation.

This glass should be tempered to ensure that it can withstand exposure to high winds and severe weather. You may also want to consider the benefits of investing in glass panels that are treated with a UV coating to help prevent the sun's rays from penetrating these panels and causing discomfort for those utilizing your deck in the future. 

2. Choose a durable frame.

In order to stand tall and structurally sound, the glass panels that make up your deck railing will need to be inserted into a metal framing system. The stability and integrity of your metal framing system can have a significant effect on the overall quality of your finished railings, so you need to select a durable framing material.

Aluminum makes a great choice when it comes to framing glass railings. Aluminum is lightweight, yet it is resistant to corrosion so it can withstand extended exposure to the elements.

3. Make sure installation is completed properly.

The last thing you want is for your glass railings to fail while you are utilizing your outdoor deck space. To ensure that your railings remain structurally sound well into the future, you need to make sure that the installation process is completed properly.

Be sure that you work with a contractor who specializes in the installation of glass railings. These contractors will be able to safely and efficiently install glass railings that are both beautiful and designed to provide maximum protection.

Selecting glass railings for your outdoor deck can be a great way to enjoy unobstructed views of your landscape. Be sure that your glass railings will last well into the future by selecting quality glass panels, utilizing an aluminum metal frame, and partnering with a contractor who specializes in the installation of glass railing systems.