Why Synthetic Wood Can Be More Beautiful

Posted on: 19 January 2017

You may imagine your home with a deck that looks like wood, but this doesn't mean that your deck has to be made from real wood. There are synthetic materials that have advantages over wood but which can come very close to the appearance of real wood. 

PVC vs. Composite

Companies have made great strides in creating PVC materials that look like real wood. However, they struggle to compete with wood and plastic composite decking. PVC decking can look too uniform and synthetic in appearance. The grain patterns and color streaking can look too symmetrical to be real. Composite wood, however, captures the color variations of wood that can make your synthetic deck difficult to distinguish from a deck made from real wood.


All decks have an issue with fading, including natural wood decks. However, synthetic decks can be more resistant to fading than natural wood decks. PVC is the best option if you are concerned with having a faded deck. However, composite decking is designed to undergo a natural fade that is designed to maximize the beauty of the deck, so the weathering process is intentional.

Natural Wood Decay

Synthetic wood can be much more beautiful than real wood. Real wood can come with splinters, which can be a hassle. When a portion of the deck starts to rot, the rotting portion is much less visually appealing. Also, the rotting sections of the deck can lead to injuries if the deck is not structurally sound. So even if you may feel that a synthetic deck is not the real thing, it may actually be better than the real thing. It will even look real if it is a deck with a surface that is entirely plastic, with the rest of the board being a mixture of wood and plastic. It will be colorfast and much more scratch-resistant than regular wood. With some options, the plastic cap can peel off and can be replaced with a new plastic cap when necessary.

Choosing the Right Option

If you aren't sure about whether you will fall in love with the appearance of synthetic wood, a great option is to visit a dealer in synthetic wood to inspect the samples they have available. It is also a good idea to ask friends and neighbors if they have a synthetic deck so you can observe how the deck will look after time has passed.

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