The Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make During Commercial Painting Projects

Posted on: 21 December 2016

In the world of a small business owner, their business location is likely a great investment, which is why maintaining this property becomes such an important thing. There will always come an occasion when your small business needs to be painted, whether it is indoors or out, and this seems like a fairly straightforward process. Yet, there are some major mistakes you must work to avoid when you are planning to have part of your small business building painted. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes and what you can do to avoid making them. 

Mistake: Allowing customers in the area where the painting project is taking place. 

Why? Any part of your small business where customers can normally freely navigate to should be blocked off if there is painting being done in the area. There will likely be professionals working on ladders and scaffolds, tools being used, and even falling debris during the painting preparations. The last thing you want is to see a customer or even an employee injured during a painting project. Use barricades, warning tape, or whatever other means necessary to block the area where painting is taking place, and you will be better equipped to avoid safety issues that could mean major problems for your business. 

Mistake: Not letting customers know about an upcoming painting project at the place of business. 

Why? If your small business building has everyday traffic flow, it is only good business practice to let customers know about any upcoming construction related processes and planned projects, especially where paint is concerned. Some customers may be more sensitive to paint fumes or just prefer to wait and shop when the project has concluded. It is best to post signs on your entry doors announcing the dates and times of the planned painting project as soon as you know the details to keep your customers in the loop. 

Mistake: Not checking the credentials of commercial painting professionals before hiring. 

Why? There are many excellent commercial painters out there who are fully licensed, fully insured, and fully capable of performing a great job. However, there are always a select few who advertise themselves as professionals and don't have the adequate attributes to be completely reliable for painting in a commercial setting. Before you hire a specific commercial painter because they are the most affordable, make sure you ask to see their credentials and proof of insurance.