Digging In The Yard? Why Professional Excavation Is A Safer Bet

Posted on: 22 August 2016

Excavating a part of your yard isn't always a big job, but it's one that's usually better left to companies whose workers have been trained to deal with the dangerous aspects of the project. When you dig more than a few inches into the soil, you're creating hazards and potentially putting yourself in harm's way, while these workers have been trained to properly handle the situations that could come up. And the hole or trench doesn't have to be very big to create an issue.


Not all soil is harmless dirt, especially if you live near agricultural fields that are sprayed with pesticides and loaded with fertilizers. Rain can make the topsoil in these areas run off, and if any of the soil has moved into your yard or property, it could have contaminated your soil. If you dig out a hole or trench, you now have a lot of loose solid that has all those substances in it. The same problem occurs if your property used to house anything like fuel storage. Professional excavation companies can help you decide what to do with that soil and may be able to remove it themselves.


From tripping over a hole for a tree rootball to being trapped by the collapse of an unstable trench wall, excavation's biggest risks are from accidents. You might think you're going to be OK because you'll be careful, but sometimes the risks are too great. It is much safer to call an excavation company that knows how to shore up the wall of a trench and how to place removed soil so that it does not pose a collapse risk. Plus, if you attempt to do the digging yourself and get hurt, there might not be anyone around you to help. At least with an excavation company, there will be multiple people there to jump on an emergency right as it happens.


Sinkholes are a scary fact of life in some neighborhoods. Underground and above-ground water such as rain erode the layer of rock that sits over the underground water source, eventually causing the layer to collapse. If you dig without doing any investigative work into the soil in your yard, you could hasten a collapse. Obviously, removing a small amount of topsoil might not be a problem. But digging down past the topsoil can be risky, and an excavation company will check out your yard first before blindly digging.

Talk to the excavation companies near your home about surveying the land or otherwise ensuring it's safe to dig. They can send out a representative to evaluate your land. For more information, contact Rita's Equipment Rental or a similar company.