Three Reasons Why You Should Use Water Well Drilling Rigs On Your Next Well

Posted on: 18 July 2016

If your well is going dry and you are faced with having to dig a new one, you might want to consider hiring a contractor who uses water well drilling rigs. Water well drilling rigs have several benefits and virtually no drawbacks when it comes to drilling a well. If you need further convincing, here are some reasons why you should use a water well drilling rig on your next well project, and why you need a professional to help.


Water well drilling rigs are much more stable than the alternatives to digging a fresh well. The rigs have legs that help brace the drill against the ground and prevent the drill from tilting at an angle. The rig keeps the drill pointing straight down so that the drill bit can quickly do its job and find water. Even when the drill finds hard rock, the rig holds its ground so that the drill can pummel straight through the rock.


A water well drill provides a consistent well opening all the way. With the many different-sized drill bits for these drills, you can select a narrow well tunnel or a well tunnel wide enough for a repair technician to climb straight down. The drill spins in a perfect spiral, clearing away all of the dirt and rock in its path and creating a perfect cylinder all the way down to the water source. Having this kind of consistency helps the well technician figure out exactly how much concrete he or she may need to create a protective wall around the shaft of the well. 


The well technician can find the exact geological location of another underground aquifer and then position the well drill right over that spot. Under advisement of a geologist, the well technician can bypass an area of thick rock and have the drill pass through a less thick mass of rock. Because of the drill's stability and consistency, you can be sure that the position of the drill means you will also have a very precise hole in the ground down to the water. 

Why You Need the Professional's Help

The most important reason for hiring a well installation expert is that you probably do not know a single thing about operating a water well drilling rig. Now is not the time to learn either, since you need that new well and you want to avoid accidentally contaminating it. You also need the professional's help because he or she will know right where to drill for water and how to get that water into your reserves tank. Lastly, you are not likely to run out and buy your own water well drilling rig for what may be a one-time event, but the professional owns his/her own rig and can drill one or more future wells on your property with it, saving you the expense of buying your own. Contact a business, such as Patterson Well Drilling Inc., for more information.