Elevator Service For Construction Sites: Lift Yourself To New Heights And See What You've Been Missing

Posted on: 18 July 2016

If you own and operate a construction business and you have been using all kinds of crane lifts to get your supplies and crew up to the higher stories, you may be missing out on a much easier route. A lot of contractors are surprised to hear about elevator service for construction sites. (This is not the elevators you install inside the building that remain there either.) If you would like to know more about this special type of elevator, or check out what you have been missing all these years, here is some more information on this service.

Benefits of a Construction Elevator

There are many benefits to using an elevator of this type, most notably the fact that one elevator car on one side can carry the crew up while the car opposite them can carry up a lot of the supplies they will need to get started on their work for the day. Another benefit is that there should be far fewer work accidents, since the elevator cars do most of the work previously carried out by boom cranes. Everything is more safely lifted to the correct level, without any guesswork as to how to put it down and little chance of accidentally dropping anything onto someone's head several stories below.

The Vertical Tower

If you choose to sample the benefits of construction elevator service, the first thing is the erection of the tower. This tower closely resembles the boom arm of a crane, but it is much larger, stronger, more stable, and completely vertical. You will have to select which side of the building you want the tower to be erected by, and then it stays there for the duration of the construction on that particular site.

The tower is securely bolted to the ground, is frequently powered by its own generator, and is accompanied by an elevator engine that moves one or two fully-enclosed elevator cars up and down either or both sides of the tower. Additional braces secure the tower to the concrete flooring your crew has already constructed. The more floors your crew adds, the higher these elevator cars can go. When the building is complete, all of the braces and supporting hardware for the elevator tower are removed and you just fill in the holes in the side of the building and you are done.

The Best Part? You Can RENT It

If you do not want to buy one of these elevators, you can rent it from an elevator service company that specializes in these things. That way, you can use one whenever you need it, you know exactly how much it costs to rent it the next time around, and you never have to worry about where to store something of that magnitude. If you think your construction company is ready to try this service, call a specialty elevator service now.