Common Electrical Problem Signs That New Homeowners Might Overlook

Posted on: 25 May 2016

As a new homeowner, the subtle signs of electrical issues may be dismissed, which can put your home at risk of fire, electrical short and other issues. The best way to avoid this type of problem is to know what those early warning signs are. Here's a look at some of the things that you should watch for.  

Strange Smells

Although your first thought might be the drains when you notice a foul odor in the house, the fact is that your electrical system may be the cause of that strange smell. Whether it's a burning smell, a plastic-like odor or something similar, there's a chance that it's damage to the wiring. It could also be the result of damage to an appliance that shorted out due to a surge in your electrical system.

Frequently Flickering Lights

If your home's lights flicker once or twice, that may not be cause for concern. However, if they're flickering frequently, that may be a sign of trouble. Try to be attentive to when the flickering happens and see if there's any correlation with anything else in the house. For example, if the circuit that the lights are on is overloaded, you might see flickering when you operate something else on that circuit. When that happens, you'll need to have another electrical circuit run in the house to divide the power demand. Sometimes, the flickering is the result of power surges. Your electrician will install a surge control system to help reduce this if there's evidence of power surges from the outside power supply.

Hot Spots

Most every homeowner expects light bulbs to get hot when they are used, but any time you notice the area around a light fixture or outlet getting warm, that should be a cause for immediate concern. Shut off the power to that breaker right away until you can have an electrician evaluate it.

Tripped Breakers

Although circuit breakers might trip periodically, a breaker that's tripping repeatedly is a sign of a wiring short or other type of issue. If you're struggling with a repetitive problem with a circuit breaker, look to your local electrician to test the wiring and find the problem.

Understanding these signs of electrical problems can help you to spot serious issues before they become a threat to your home's wiring. Work with a local electrician such as Narducci Electric to assess the entire wiring grid.