3 Tips To Help Ensure Your New Deck Is Long Lasting And Free From Repairs

Posted on: 9 May 2016

Adding a deck to your home (go to websites like this to contact a local outlet) can be a valuable investment, but it can also be something that needs a lot of maintenance. Eventually, wood decks may need maintenance and repairs, or worse, replacement. This is why you may want to look for solutions that can ensure you have a long-lasting deck years after it has been built. If you want to get the most life out of your deck, here are some tips to help ensure it will not need repairs a few years from now:

1. Building Your Structure Out Of Metal Truss Work  

Traditional deck building is done with wood lumber, which can sometimes be pressure treated. No matter what is done with the wood; if it is outside, you can be pretty sure that it is going to rot away at some point. A good alternative to conventional wood structures is metal truss work that is designed to last and will not rot away in a few years or even decades. Metal trusses can also support more weight and are stronger, as well as give you the option for longer spans of deck space.

2. Wrapping Wood Posts With Composite Lumber Or A Brick Column

If you use metal trusses, you may also use steel posts to support the structure or you may choose to use wood posts. Either of these can be protected by simply wrapping them in another material, which can give you solutions for custom designs and features such as, lighting and electrical wiring. You may want to wrap the posts in a composite material if you are going to leave them plain. If you want outlets, lights or electrical lighting, encasing the posts in brick may be a better solution. No matter what you do, it is important to cap the top of the posts to prevent water from getting inside, which defeats the purpose of wrapping posts. 

3. Using A Composite Decking To Finish The Surface Of Your Deck

Composite decking is another solution that you may want to consider for a long-lasting deck. These materials have improved in recent years and some products resemble the look and texture of real wood. These materials are low-maintenance and will only require an occasional cleaning to protect them from wear. Composite lumber will last for years without needing repairs and will rarely need to be replaced.

These are some tips to help ensure your deck will not need repairs and maintenance a few years after it's built. If you need help with choosing the right materials, contact a composite decking service to install a low-maintenance surface on your deck for a longer life.