4 Tips To Keep Rural Homes Safe From Wildfires During The Dry Season

Posted on: 20 April 2016

The dry season will soon be here, which means that wildfires will pose a risk to some homes. If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires or have a rural property, you may want to protect your home from fire. There are many things to consider doing for a more fire resistant home. Adding building materials with a fire rating is one thing you can do. Cleaning forestry lands and keeping trees a safe distance from your home may be another improvement that can be done for your home.  Some of the following ideas can help protect your home from wildfires this during the dry season:

1. Give Your Home Protection With Fire Resistant Exterior Design

Many conventional building materials used on homes can also be a fire hazard when wildfires come too close. Wood siding and asphalt shingles can easily become a source of ignition when flames spread. To keep your home safe, consider fire-resistant alternatives to these building products, such as metal roofing and a brick exterior. Metal siding can also be installed that looks similar to the wood building products that are available.

2. Keep Flammable Materials A Safe Distance From Your Home

Flammable materials near your home can be another source of heat and ignition of a fire. To reduce the chance of a fire spreading, keep flammable materials away from your home. Fuels for garden equipment are obvious, but this also includes plants like vines or that have high oil content like olive trees. You may also want to consider having a metal garden shed to store things like patio furniture in. In addition, a deck made out of materials like steel and fire-resistant materials can be a good way to stop flames from getting to your home.

3. Keep Landscaping Clean And Free Of Herbs And Dry Brush

The landscaping near your home can also contribute to the fire hazards when a wildfire is near. You will want to make sure that areas with wild plants are not overgrown. It is also a good idea to use a landscaping design with plants that are more resistant to fire, such as cactus and other plants that grow in dry climates. Small plants like flowers or plants that are not leafy can also be a good choice for landscaping near your home.

4. Use Exterior Building Materials With Good Fire Ratings

You may have noticed that metal roofing is often used on rural homes, and this is for good reason. It is because it is a durable material that is resistant to storms and fire. Metal roofing has the highest fire-resistance rating and can protect your home from ashes that are blown in the wind during a wild fire. In addition to metal roofing panels, you may also want to consider exterior finishes like brick and masonry to give your home more fire protection.

With some improvements to your home and landscaping design, you can be sure that your home will be safe from fires. Having a fire resistant exterior is another way to prevent damage to your home with fire. Since fires often spread as ashes hit rooftops, contacting a metal roofing service to install panels on your home can be a great way to ensure your family is safe from wildfires. 

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