4 Tips To Get The Best Return On A Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: 13 February 2016

The decision to remodel your bathroom before selling your home is a smart one. Bathrooms can pay off when the renovation is correctly done. Here are some tips to help ensure that you get the best return on your bathroom remodeling project. 

Check Comparable Homes

Your bathroom remodeling does not start with demolition. It starts by checking out comparable homes in your area. Find out what the bathrooms in those homes feature that plays well to the market. You should not only look at homes that are also up for sale, but those which have recently sold. 

By knowing what is attracting buyers, you can determine which features you should spend the most attention and funds completing. 

Select Neutral Colors

Even thought you might want to add bright colors to the bathroom, they can actually turn off some potential homebuyers. If the color is unappealing to others, it can distract away from the other improvements that you have made in the bathroom. 

Try to stick with neutral colors that have a clean feel to them. If you want to add color to the room, you can do so with the addition of accessories, such as towels. 

Add Lighting

If your bathroom is not well-lit through light fixtures or natural lighting, you need to add it. Light not only makes the bathroom appear to be brighter, but it also can make it seem bigger than it really is. 

Another bonus of adding light is that you can use it to help set the ambiance in the room. For instance, the addition of dimmers can help create a relaxing environment. Work with a light designer to find the right lights for the bathroom. 

Do Not Forget Quality

Even if you are on a tight budget, it is important that you do not forsake quality to save a few pennies. Potential homebuyers are usually well-educated on what to look for in good homes and will be looking for those same features in your bathroom after it is remodeled. 

You do not have to go overboard to get a quality look. A contractor can help you find quality fixtures, cabinets, and other features at a reasonable price without busting your budget. 

To get the most from your bathroom remodeling, consider working with a contractor. He or she is familiar with the market and can help guide you towards smart decisions that will pay off for you in the end. Contact a remodeling contractor, such as Albrecht & Son LLC, for more information.