Three Things You May Be Doing That Could Lead To Big Plumbing Problems Down The Road

Posted on: 22 January 2016

Most people are aware of some basic plumbing "dos and don'ts" like not pouring grease or oil down a drain and letting lines drip in the winter. Unfortunately though, there's actually a lot about plumbing that people don't understand. It's easy to be setting yourself up for a big plumbing problem in the future without even realizing that you're doing it. Here's a look at three things you might be doing that could lead to big time problems.

Hanging things on your shower head

There's often no better way to organize a shower than to purchase one of those shampoo caddies that hangs on the shower head with spots for all of your shower products. Even though these products are available for purchase in many stores, most plumbers actually recommend that you not hang things on your shower head. The same goes for resting your feet on the tub's spout. Simply put, these fixtures aren't designed to hold extra weight, and putting weight on them could lead to leaks. Even worse is that this sort of weight will put pressure on joints that are located behind the wall. This could cause a small leak that you'd never notice (since you can't see it) until there's a lot of damage done.

Flushing anything down your toilet except toilet paper

Flushing anything down your toilet except toilet paper (and waste of course) is a quick way to find yourself with a world of plumbing problems. This even includes "flushable" wipes that are so popular right now. Almost every plumber has a story of being called to a home only to fish an action figure or ball out of the toilet. If an item gets stuck in your toilet's trap, try to pull it backwards and out. Plunging it can push it deeper into the system and make repairs more difficult (and more expensive).

Turning really hard on a handle to stop a leak

It's a natural reaction -- if you have a leaky faucet, you'll try really hard to make sure the handle is turned off. But the majority of the time, the handle isn't the culprit for a leak. If you have a leaky faucet, turn the handle off like normal. Turning it harder isn't going to help anything, and could lead to you breaking off the handle. And at that point, you're in for a more expensive repair and likely replacement of the whole fixture. Instead of turning the handle so hard, contact a company like Aurora Plumbing and Electric Supply, Inc to help fix your leak.