Above The Cabinet Space: What To Do With It?

Posted on: 5 January 2016

That space above your kitchen cabinets may have served a purpose to the previous tenants and their collection of decorative vases, but it may be awkward space to you. You can fill in this space in a decorative manner and make it useful to you as well. See below for tips on what to do with the space above your kitchen cabinets.

Fill It In

Add pieces of thin plywood to give the illusion of taller, custom looking cabinets. Paint the plywood to match your cabinets, or stain it to match your cabinets and add a decorative piece of molding around the top to give it a decorative look. Use finishing nails to nail the pieces of plywood together, then fill in the nail holes with wood putty. When the wood putty dries, sand it down so it's level and paint the wood and the decorative molding.

Add A Shelf

Split up the big space by adding a shelf and filling in the space with serving dishes or baskets/boxes. You can also add cookbooks to the shelf if you have a lot of them and nowhere to store them.

Raise Your Cabinets

Raise your cabinets up to the ceiling to give you more space between your counter and your cabinets. Raising your cabinets to the ceiling allows you to have a little more storage space within reach, rather than way up high. Simply empty your cabinets, take the screws out of the cabinets that are holding them to the wall and move them up high. Be sure the bottom of the cabinets are all level and use wall anchors to help hold your cabinets in place.

Add Wine Storage

Install a few wine storage racks that you make yourself with pine wood, or invest some money is a handful of horizontal wine racks that fit into the space above your cabinets. Store a number of wine bottles to pull out when you have company. Add a few wine boxes to the space as well to give your kitchen a vineyard vibe. 

That space above your cabinets can be useful to you and not just used as a place to catch dust. Be creative with the space and use it in a decorative manner, rather than a catch-all. However you use this area, just be sure to space out your decor so it doesn't look like a clustered mess. 

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