How To Repair Loose Glass Panes

Posted on: 16 December 2015

As windows age, they often become less efficient. They can become louder and less air-tight. This a particularly prevalent issue with wooden windows because they are subject to warping from water damage. One common problem with wooden windows is with the glass pane gets loose within the sash. Luckily, this is an issue that you can fix with just a few simple tools. This article explains how to reseal a loose glass pane in a wooden window sash.

Preparing the Pane

The vital juncture of a glass pane in a wooden sash is along the edge where it is either caulked or secured with rubber weather stripping. When a glass pane is loose, it is best if you just remove all of the old weatherstripping and replace it with waterproof caulk. Getting the old weather stripping out of the corner of the sash can be a little bit difficult. You might need to use some random tools to get it all out. A utility knife, a painter's knife and even a small flathead screwdriver can help you dig out the old stripping. If your window has caulk that is peeling away, you should also scrape it out. Whether your window has weatherstripping or caulk, you will have the best results if you remove it completely. This way you have a nice, clean surface when applying the new caulk.

Applying New Caulk

When adding caulk to the corner of a wooden window, it does not necessarily matter what color you choose. However, you should probably use a clear caulk or one that is the same color as the sash paint. Make sure you buy a caulk that is rated for exterior use. Adhesive caulk is very messy and difficult to work with because it is so stinky. One helpful trick when trying to make small, straight caulk lines is to tape it off. Two rows of tape, one along the edge of the glass and one on the actual sash, can be lined up for a straight caulk line. This way, when you spread caulk caulk into the corner, you will not have to struggle to perfect the line and make it straight.

You will obviously want to repeat this process on both sides of the sash. If you do have loose window panes that are rattling and leaking air it is important to fix them as soon as possible. A loose glass pane is also more susceptible to shattering, so fix it fast. For more information, contact companies like D&M Roofing & Guttering, Inc.