Building A Fun And Safe Deck On Your Home

Posted on: 11 November 2015

You've decided that the old rotted deck must go and you're ready to design the perfect deck for your home. With some careful planning up front, you could have a space on which to relax and entertain guests for years. Here are some of the factors to consider to make sure you will have the deck you've always wanted.

1. Consider some of the modern deck construction materials for ease of maintenance.

While wood has traditionally been the material of choice for building a deck, to keep it nice, you must spend time every year cleaning and staining the deck surface. Spend your time on the deck enjoying it, not maintaining it, with some of the newest deck materials. Composites, PVC, and aluminum materials are easier than wood to keep clean, they do not rot, and they repel the algae and moss that grow on wood surfaces. Most of these materials also come in finishes to look like real wood, so you won't sacrifice appearance for durability and ease of maintenance.

2. Create a multi-level deck to break up the space.

Build two or three levels to separate the functional areas of your deck for a more interesting architecture. Place your hot tub and lounge chairs on one level. Put the cooking area and seating on another and an area for socializing on a central third level with a fire pit and chairs for relaxing.

3. Use the normally wasted space under your deck.

The open area under the deck has potential that most people ignore. By finishing this area, you can increase your storage and recreation area:

  • Create a storage space for your seasonal items such as chairs, umbrellas and pool toys.
  • Create a garden work area where you can store your tools and planting supplies.
  • Create a covered recreational area where you can sit on those rainy days.

4. Creative railing materials keep your deck looking open.

Heavy wooden railings block the view from your deck. Modern metal, glass and composite railings can be thinner, with less obstruction of the view. They will keep your guests safe but allow more light onto the deck than wood and preserve the view of your landscaping and distant scenery.

5. Use creative deck lighting for safety and appearance.

Low-energy use LEDs are unaffected by temperature and come in a variety of shapes and colors that you can use to embellish the deck. Use strips of LEDs along stair risers and railings to enhance safety at night. Outline the deck with LED strips to light it up at night. Color changing LEDs that alternate through the night create an attractive statement.

6. Make safety of the deck a priority.

Don't risk being in the headlines with a deck collapsing during a party. Hire one of the local structural engineer services like J J K Group Inc to analyze your deck plan and oversee construction. They will give you input on the best foundation and ways to anchor the deck to the house securely. They will give you tips on reinforcing the deck to support the number of people you expect to entertain. Be confident that your deck will safely hold any large party you may plan to have on your new deck.