5 Reasons To Choose Heating Oil For Your Home

Posted on: 12 October 2015

Consumers are faced with a wide variety of choices when it comes to heating their home. Electricity, natural gas, heating oil and even wood are all means by which people across the country have chosen to warm their houses during the colder months. But what makes heating oil stand out from the rest? Read on below to discover five advantages that heating oil has over other heating solutions, and how they might benefit your own home.

Environmentally Clean

Heating oil is often stereotyped as being detrimental to the environment, but today's heating oil is much different than it was decades ago. In fact, heating oil now produces negligible emissions, meaning that if you're someone who is environmentally conscious, you don't have to think twice about choosing heating oil as your home heating solution.


One major downfall of natural gas is that just one minor leak can be devastating. But heating oil is non-explosive. Even lighting a match and throwing it into a pool of liquid heating oil is completely safe, and malfunctions in a heating oil system are easily detectable. So if you're concerned about the safety of your home and family, look into heating oil as a viable home heating source.

Huge Supply

Heating oil supply isn't disappearing any time soon; it's abundant and almost all developed countries have substantial oil reserves. As such, consumers can rest easy knowing that there is enough oil to go around and that they'll never be forced to cut back or ration their personal use. Plus, even consumers in rural parts of the country have their choice of several suppliers competing for their business, so prices won't ever be dictated by just one or two companies in a region.


What's the point of having a source of heat for your home if you can't heat it as quickly or efficiently as you would like? Heating oil has been proven time and again to be more effective than natural gas in this regard. In fact, heating oil burns up to 400 degrees hotter than natural gas, and reaches those temperatures much more quickly. 


Despite all these advantages, heating oil probably wouldn't be as popular as it is if it weren't cost effective. But while the prices of everything else have seemingly skyrocketed in the past decades, the cost of heating oil has actually decreased by 28 percent in recent years. So if you're in need of a cheap heating solution, look no further than heating oil. Contact an oil company like Cash Oil to learn more.