4 Things You Should Have In Your Small Business's Public Restroom

Posted on: 28 September 2015

Having a restroom for public use in your small business is a benefit your customers can enjoy. Commercial plumbing services can provide the necessary additions you need to make your restroom accessible to everyone. Here are 4 things you should have in your small business's public restroom.


Your restroom, under federal law, must be accessible to people who have disabilities in order for you to offer it as a public area. This includes:

  • railings
  • raised toilet seat
  • wide stall for wheelchair access

A commercial plumber and contractor can assist you in making your restroom more accessible to those who have disabilities, including designing your space so that someone in a walker or wheelchair can easily reach stalls, sinks, and hand dryers with ease.

Baby changing station

A baby changing station is a welcome addition to both women and men restroom areas. Your customers will feel respected and comfortable if you add an inexpensive changing area to your public restroom so they can take care of their children with ease. If you are including a changing station in your public restroom, make sure you also include an enclosed garbage pail for used wipes and diapers. You may also want to place a sign on the restroom door that baby changing services are available so customers don't have to go through the potential discomfort of asking about these amenities themselves.

Automatic soap dispenser

Installing an automatic soap dispenser above all your sinks will help reduce the amount of germs being spread in the restroom and will also encourage employees and customers to wash their hands. While you may be tempted to simply place bars or pump bottles of soap near your sinks, automatic dispensers are more attractive and help keep the space much cleaner. You can have a contractor install automatic soap dispensers for you. They can be purchased at your local home decor store or bought from a wholesaler who also sells soap refills.

Hands-free hand dryer

You may be tempted to have a contractor or commercial plumber install a traditional paper towel dispenser or a button-activated hand dryer, but there are a few benefits to installing a hands-free hand dryer instead. A hands-free hand dryer allows your employees and customers to dry their hands without touching surfaces that can carry germs, and also offers a modern convenience that is appreciated.

If you are going to offer a public restroom at your small business, you will want to use a commercial plumber like DiRosato Plumbing and Heating and contractor to do the work for you. These additions to your restroom will help satisfy the needs and safety of your customers and staff.