How Bathroom Remodeling Can Make Living With Arthritis Easier

Posted on: 27 May 2015

Living with the pain of arthritis is hard, even more so when you struggle to do the simplest tasks around your home. Remodeling your home to accommodate the special needs you may have because of arthritis means you can take care of your daily activities with a lot less pain and uncomfortable compromise. However, of all the rooms in your home, bathroom remodeling is most important to consider, especially if you struggle with severe mobility issues caused by the debilitation of arthritis.  

Have You Experienced Pain When Stepping Over Into Your Bathtub?

Many arthritis sufferers dread getting into the shower when they have to step over into the tub for doing so, especially if you have osteoarthritis in one or both of your hips. Many people simply take out their tub and replace it with a walk-in shower stall. While this is convenient and easy, it also does not provide one of the best therapeutic benefits for arthritis sufferers: a warm, soaking bath. Before you decide to install only a walk-in shower, think about installing a walk-in tub with a shower head included. In a walk-in tub, you get the benefits of easy access and warm soaking water while also having a shower to rinse off with.

Do You Have Trouble Getting Up And Down From The Toilet?

Installing handrails on either side of your toilet can help a lot when you are getting up and down from it. Knowing you can slowly sit down on the toilet means you can do so with less pain and with less dread. Remember to make sure the toilet tissue is within easy reach. You can also use a raised toilet seat as well. Using a raised toilet seat means you simply set it over your existing toilet, great news for someone that is not able to install or remove their toilet for a replacement.

Being Comfortable Means A Lot In Your Bathroom

Your bathroom's vanity area should be arranged in such a way it makes getting ready fast and easy. You might think about lowering the counters and placing a chair under an area of them for sitting down while applying cosmetics or drying your hair. Installing drawers under the area of counter you use as your vanity area is also a good way to ensure the items you need are within easy reach.

Remodeling any part of your home to make living in it easier is worthwhile your investment in it. This is especially true if arthritis has made it hard for you to get around.