Maintain Your Property And Protect Your Investment - Signs You Need Sealcoating

Posted on: 21 April 2015

When you purchase a piece of real estate, whether it's a family home or a large business complex, you inherit a wide variety of maintenance responsibilities. Making sure that your property is easily accessible is one of those responsibilities, and that means that you have to keep your asphalt surfaces smooth and well maintained.

Below, you'll find a guide to some signs that you need to sealcoat your asphalt surface. By keeping an eye out for these warning signs, you can be sure that you address problems before they snowball and guarantee that you protect the sizable investment that you've made in your real estate.

Rutted Pavement

Minor cracks in pavement can typically be patched and filled in, but when the overall structural integrity of your asphalt is threatened, patching may not be an option. Asphalt lots that are criss-crossed with divots and cracks can become much weaker if you seek temporary solutions, and high temperatures can even cause tires to literally pull asphalt off the ground.

Sealcoating your asphalt will smooth over the entire surface and provide a permanent fix that will be far less susceptible to damage. You'll also be able to fortify a damaged surface, so for lots that have to handle a large amount of traffic, calling a sealcoating company is the best way to make sure it doesn't continue to crumble.

Inadequate Drainage

If you've inherited an asphalt lot that seems to let large quantities of water sit on the surface, you may be in danger of significant damage. Without sufficient drainage, the destructive force of water can cause your asphalt to fracture and wash away, and a protective coating is necessary.

Sealcoating will allow your asphalt to repel water rather than sit under it, creating a protective barrier that will encourage longevity. If the layout of your property prevents you from digging drainage trenches, sealcoating may be the only option to prevent significant water damage.

Unsuccessful Home Remedies

There are a wide variety of commercially available driveway sealing products, but some can actually be counterproductive. If these products are applied incorrectly or break down under exposure to the elements, a repair that you may assume will provide strength may actually contribute to weakness. If you have had problems with products you've purchased yourself, a sealcoating company may be able to restore your asphalt surface to its former glory and provide you with the strength you need to guarantee full usage.