4 Steps To Planning An Estate Sale

Posted on: 30 March 2015

An estate sale is the ideal way to clear out a loved one's home. If the person is alive, sorting through their belongings is a fairly simple task. If they've passed away, however, it can be much more difficult to figure out what should go and what should stay. Here are a few tips to make the process a little easier:

Organize Belongings Yourself

While you can hire an estate sale planner to organize and sort the belongings, it's a good idea to handle this process yourself. After all, you know your loved ones better than anyone else. There may be sentimental items or personal belongings that you wish to keep. Work through the home room by room, using boxes for items you want to keep.

You can leave the items you wish to sell in the home. Estate sale shoppers don't mind walking through a home to find items they want to purchase.

Keep All the Paperwork

Buyers aren't interested in paperwork. Clear out any old tax forms, personal documents, and correspondence. Store these in boxes until you have time to go through them with your attorney. Don't try to organize them before the sale; it will be easier once everything else is done.

Hire an Expert Appraiser

As you go through the home, you'll likely find items that may be valuable. You can get a good idea of their worth by using online auction sites, but it's best to hire an expert to appraise these items. Estate planners are professionals, and they will know what antiques and other valuables are worth.

Search Storage Areas

Make sure there are no extra belongings in popular storage areas like attics, basements, or safes. Your loved one may even have an offsite storage building somewhere. If you don't know the combination to the safe or storage facility, you can hire a locksmith to drill the lock and have the safe repaired later. Most people store their most valuable possessions in these areas, so this is an important step to take before the estate sale begins.


An estate sale is never easy, but you can make the process much simpler by following these steps. Once you have everything organized, you can either hire a professional estate sale planner or perform the sale yourself. Most estate sales bring in a substantial amount of money, which can help offset the burial costs and other expenses incurred when a loved one dies.

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