Get Your Vents Cleaned Regularly To Avoid Massive Dust And Mold Problems

Posted on: 8 December 2014

If you've just had an HVAC system installed, plan now to have periodic vent cleanings. Talk to HVAC companies about setting up a service contract because that cleaning is going to play an important role in keeping the system working. New HVAC systems can work quite well for a long time, which means that you won't discover any problems with the vents, such as mold, until after they've become quite a nuisance.

Hidden Problems

Mold growing in HVAC vents is a common problem that occurs when there's too much humidity in one of the rooms or when there's a drainage problem that leaves condensation in areas where it just can't dry. The mold spores travel through the vents to other rooms, too, potentially making your entire system infected. The problem is that the mold can grow for quite some time before you begin to notice anything like an odor. At that point, the mold removal process is difficult and takes a long time.

Substitute Checkups

However, if you have regular vent cleanings, the cleaner can spot any problems and let you know about them. If you get the cleanings combined with a system inspection, that's even better because the tech might be able to fix issues with stagnant condensation or high humidity. He or she will most likely have to call in separate workers to handle the mold itself, but at least you can get the process started much more quickly.

Another reason to get the vents cleaned out regularly is to ensure you're not blowing dust everywhere. Dust is a fact of life, and if you leave something untouched, it's going to gather dust -- and that includes the interiors of vents. There's nothing more annoying than finding the air blowing out into rooms is dusty. Cleaning the vents will remove that dust before it becomes too much of a problem.

Service Options

Many HVAC service companies offer service contracts where their techs show up at stated intervals to take care of work. You could also arrange to have a separate vent cleaning company like Clean Air Systems Inc show up at specific times; these companies may or may not have extended contracts that you can set up in advance, but you can always make a couple of appointments ahead of time. If you have questions about ways to keep the vents as dust-free as possible, give one of these companies or an HVAC service company a call.