3 Reasons Why Mobile Homes Really Are A Good Investment

Posted on: 3 December 2014

When you compare mobile home properties to permanent structures like stick-built houses, buyers with limited resources may feel like they're getting the short end of a stick. Mobile homes and trailers aren't the type of property that you can envision passing down to your great-grandchildren, but they are an excellent choice for people who need a house without a whole lot of hassle. Here are three important reasons why buying a mobile home could be the best investment you make yet.

1. Mobile Homes Are Low Maintenance

Mobile homes are cheaper to repair than older and even newer homes because they are generally smaller and are manufactured to be transported with ease. Owners of mobile homes don't need to worry about basement flooding or sewer leakage. Since they are attached directly to their own individual septic systems, plumbing issues can be quickly identified and corrected. Septic systems require low maintenance and generally don't need to be pumped unless they are full. This translates to many years of low maintenance mobile home living. Make sure that your mobile home has been fitted with well insulated skirting and you will likely be able to go through the entire winter without sinking any additional cash into maintenance costs.

2. Easy Portability

Although many mobile homes and trailers are placed on solid foundations in lots, they can also be moved to a different part of the country with ease. Setting up a mobile home in a new location does require owners to look into septic systems and transportation, but buying, selling, and moving into a different home is much more expensive in comparison. Mobile homes can be transported on flatbed trucks, assembled, and be ready for you to move into within a matter of hours. If you are able to locate a lot that already has a septic system underground, moving a mobile home is even easier. Most times, moving a stick-built home is completely impracticable, leaving demolition as the only solution in many cases.

3. Preparing for Future Property Investments

Trailers and mobile homes are cheaper, on average, than stick-built homes. In turn, mortgage payments are typically lower and payment schedules are generally shorter in duration. You can buy a mobile home, rent it out, and have it paid off within a few years instead of decades. If you are planning on saving money or improving your credit, a mobile home purchase can be a good investment to make in the meantime. Having the deed to a mobile home property in your name will officially put you into the property market, allowing you to gain experience even when you are still learning.

Whether you decide to purchase new and used mobile homes exclusively from places like Lutzky Contracting or venture into other markets, the first property that you buy will always stay in your mind.