Learn How To Remove A Blockage In Your Garbage Disposal

Posted on: 2 December 2014

If you notice that your garbage disposal has started to make a strange noise or has a funky smell coming out of it, there may be something wrong with it. There are many times when things can accidentally fall into the garbage disposal and cause it not to work properly. Bones, pieces of plastic and even silverware can fall into the disposal and cause damage. Use the following guide to learn what to do, if you think there is a blockage in your garbage disposal.

Be Safe

The first thing you need to do is look under your kitchen sink and find the plug for the garbage disposal. You need to unplug the disposal to ensure there is no way it can turn on, while you are working on it.

Inspect the Disposal

When you look in your disposal drain, there will be a thin rubber cover on the disposal. The rubber cover is designed to keep items out of the disposal that you do not want in the disposal. In order to remove the cover, grab it by its edge and pull up on it. It will come out and allow you to easily see into the disposal. Use a flashlight to look inside of the open space to see if there is anything caught in or around the blades of the disposal.

Remove Stuck Items

Using a long pair of needle nose pliers, reach into the disposal and pull any items out of it that may be lodged between the blades. If you need to move the blades to see if there is anything under them, use the end of your broom handle to turn the blades. The handle will be long enough to ensure you do not have to touch the blades with your hands and will not damage the blades.

Test the Disposal

Once you have removed all debris from the disposal, push the cover back over the opening, plug the disposal in, and then turn it on. Listen to see if you can hear the strange noises anymore. If you do not hear anything, the disposal is probably fixed.

To get rid of the smell in your disposal, chop up a few lemons and run them through the disposal. This will clean the blades and neutralize any foul smells at the same time. If you notice that the disposal is still not working properly, call a plumber to come and fix the disposal for you. The plumber will have the necessary tools to figure out what is wrong with the disposal and fix it quickly and easily.

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